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Product Registration

Terms, Conditions, Warranties, Payments

Self Service Support

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Terms, Conditions, Warranties, Payments

Warranties and Returns

Hydro Med Consumables are considered health product items and cannot be returned once opened unless defective. If defective, contact us using the contact form, describe the problem, and wait for instructions, return authorization, and shipping address. 

Hydro Med devices and other hard goods including the HydroPulse® Neo are returnable with original receipt or purchase information, but cannot be returned otherwise.  They are covered for one year from date of purchase, and will be exchanged only for working models.  We do not offer refunds. HydroPulse® Neo units purchased only from this website,, not from any other site, are guaranteed for three years.  Customer is responsible for return shipping fees.  Shipping fees are never refunded.

No warranties are offered for items shipped to or used outside the US.  Hydro Med, Inc. is never responsible for machines used with anything other than standard US home appliance utility power outlets. 


Shipping addresses within CA will be charged tax based on local laws.


Payments are to be made through our on-line shopping cart system, which accepts Visa, Amex, Mastercard and Discover. 

Shipping and International Orders

Customers outside of the contiguous continental US will experience longer shipping times and surcharges due to our costs and the nature of this service. 

We do not ship outside the US.  Non-US customers please order through ebay, where ebay takes all responsibility for foreign shipping, duty, and customs.  Please take great care to select the correct voltage and carefully check the details of plugs and necessary adapters.  Hydro Med, Inc. is never responsible for units shipped to or used outside the US, or used with non-US household power. 

Privacy Policy

We promise to never sell your email or other contact information.

Self Service Support

The vast majority of problems, especially priming the pump, can be solved quickly and easily at home following the instructions and chart in our directions. Download directions. Also check the FAQ below.


Do you sell your products outside of the U.S?

Unfortunately we do not sell outside of the U.S. at this time. We recommend checking other outlets like Amazon & Ebay.

There are no tips inside my new HydroPulse® Neo package. Where are they?

The tips are stored inside the reservoir. You may have overlooked them.

I broke off my irrigator tip and can’t get the fragment of the tip out of the handle. What can I do?

We recommend inserting a screw into the tip fragment, screw it in, then pull it out with a pliers.

My motor has stopped working, how can I fix this?

We recommend priming the device. Please see the instruction manual for details.

How long should I irrigate for?

Each side of your sinuses should be irrigated for about 30 seconds or half the water reservoir.

How often should I use the HydroPulse® Neo for Nasal/Sinus irrigation?

Always follow your Doctor’s instructions. If you feel you have an disease or abnormal condition, see your health provider.

Dr. Grossan recommends irrigating twice a day if the return is yellow or green. After that, irrigate once a day until your nose and sinuses feel good again.  Once you are feeling good, that usually means that the nasal cilia are back to optimum health. 

Dr. Grossan recommends irrigating once per day during allergy season. This removes the pollen and the allergens and other foreign matter.  This will help keep your nose and sinuses in tip-top condition throughout the allergy season. And this method is completely drug-free!

I’d like to make a return, how can I do so?

If you are having trouble with your HydroPulse® Neo machine, we suggest trying our troubleshooting guide. If you still would like to make a return you can find instructions and our policy here.