Because all the pills, drugs, sprays, steroids, antibiotics, pain killers, neti Pots, Jala Neti and surgery still leave people suffering and the immune system compromised, there had to be a better solution. There is.
Unlike a neti pot or jala neti, the HydroPulse® Neo delivers a gentle pulsing stream of plain warm water, and a saline solution (salt water) into the sinuses at the right rhythm to get good cilia movement. Cilia normally pulse at the rate of 14 beats per second.

The pulsing action of the Hydo Pulse actually helps the body itself – invigoration the nasal sinus cilia at their normal pulsing rate, so they can keep protecting the body against irritants and contagions that cause disease.


The healthy nose is a wonderful filter. It removes 80% of all tiny particles as they are breathed in.

In the nose and lungs there are millions of tiny hairs called cilia. These are covered by a mucus blanket which contains all sorts of disease-fighting properties. In the average healthy person, the lining of the sinuses and nose makes about 1 to 1.5 pints of mucus a day.

The unhealthy nose is one with cilia and mucus compromised by infection, bacteria and viruses, allergens and toxins. The cilia lose their wave action, lie down, and the mucous is not cycled properly. You are then more susceptible to inflammation and infection because your natural immune system is not functioning as it should.


The HydroPulse® Neo works on restoring your immune system to fight off a host of diseases and their unpleasant symptoms.

Asthma: This can be frightening to those afflicted. The inflammatory reaction of the bronchial passages and lungs can be triggered by sinus disease and poor function of the cilia. The HydroPulse® Neo aids in restoring better breathing in Asthma sufferers.

Allergy Suffers: Get natural relief from debilitating discomfort with the HydroPulse® Neo by clearing the nasal passages ad stimulating the cilia to help remove pollens, dander and other causes of inflammation.

Chronic sinusitis pain and infection: There can be no greater discomfort. There is a reason the HydroPulse® Neo was one of Time Magazine's inventions of the year. It has significantly improved the quality of many lives.

Cold & Flu: HydroPulse® Neo is a great preventative measure. It keeps your immune system functioning properly, removing harmful bacteria and viruses. The HydroPulse® Neo can help remedy as well, allowing you to have a safe and faster recovery, without the use of drugs and their side effect.


Above are actual CAT scans of before and after HydroPulse® Neo treatment