Breathe Ease XL®

A new enhanced moisturizing formula for the nose that is effective, gentle and very economical for moisturizing and cleansing the nose to maintain good sinus health.

What Is Breathe Ease XL?

Breathe-ease XL is additive-free, and is as economical as possible: You make Breathe-ease XL solution yourself by just mixing our formula with water in our refillable spray bottle included with every package. It’s so economical, you won’t hesitate to use it any time you feel dry, or anytime you want to clean dust, smoke, or other irritants out of your nose. The three-way spray bottle makes it easy to clean and moisturize, and our small, handy bottle is convenient to carry so you can use it anywhere, anytime. (Spray bottle included with our “Breathe Ease XL Nasal Moisturizing Solution” BEJ and BEJ02 products.)

Specially formulated for pulsatile sinus irrigation and other nasal/sinus irrigation and cleansing.

Breathe-ease XL® comes two ways

Breathe-ease Irrigation and Nasal Moisturizing Solution

Super-economical package for irrigation and for nasal moisturizing any time, anywhere.

Jar of Breathe-ease formula

Measuring spoons for mixing solution

Handy spray bottle for nasal moisturizing throughout your day

Each Moisturizing Solution package contains:
190 g of powder for nasal solution
a refillable spray bottle
a 1/4 teaspoon measuring spoon – white – for adding to 4 ounces of boiled or bottled water for spray
a one teaspoon measuring spoon – blue to add to a pint of water for irrigation with the Grossan Pulsatile Sinus Irrigator.

The spray bottle can be used three ways:

•pointing up – for a light mist for moisturizing
•on its side – for a stream of solution to wash irritants (exhaust, dust, etc.) out of the noise
•upside down – for large drops, for maximum moisture

Breathe-ease Packets

Convenient no-measure packets for use with Grossan HydroPulse® Neo sinus irrigation. (*)

33 single-use no-measure packets

Complete instructions

Each package of Nasal Moisturizing Solution Packets contains: 33 packets.

Super Convenient! Just add one packet to the HydroPulse® Neo Irrigator basin (500 ml water) and you’re ready-to-go with no measuring.

What is Breathe Ease XL used for?

The nose is supposed to moisten inhaled air, helping to maintain a moist environment for nasal and sinus cilia.

Any dryness, itching, or crusting in the nose means that a moisturizer is needed for the nose to do it’s job. Saline had always been considered the most common, safe, and simple such moisturizer. Today we know that the preservatives that must be added to insure a long long shelf life can be harmful or irritating to the nose, especially when the nose is irritated already . Here is a partial list of the additives and preservatives:
Nasal Spray Additives:

  • Benzalkonium
  • Benzyl Alcohol
  • Thimerosal (Merthiolate)
  • Edetate Disodium
  • MonoBasic Sodium Phosphate
  • Providone
  • DiBasic Sodium Phosphate
  • Disodium ETA
  • Potassium Phosphate Monobasic
  • Iodine
  • Phenylcarbinol
  • Sodium Silicoaluminate

So it is important to avoid any of these preservatives that might irritate an already sore nose. So Breathe Ease was developed as a means of providing a solution for the dry irritated nose.

Enhanced Moisturizing Formula

The nose is supposed to moisten inhaled air, helping to maintain a moist environment for nasal and sinus cilia.

The purpose of our enhanced nasal moisturizing formula is to maintain normal, healthy cilia function, and comfortable, clear breathing through moistening and cleansing the nose and sinuses. Breathe Ease XL is more than just plain saline. Breathe Ease XL contains other ingredients to make it a gentle nasal and sinus moisturizer. It contains no preservatives or additives that might burn or sting. There is no discomfort when using Breathe Ease XL!

Breathe Ease XL is specially designed for use by children – it is designed to be the most gentle product of its kind.

  • no preservative to burn
  • spray bottle that kids can handle easily
  • an oval surface to place the kid’s favorite sticker on. “See, Pokeman uses this spray too”