The Best and Most Effective Nasal Irrigator


Meet The HydroPulse® Neo

NeilMed HydroPulse Neo. Multi-Speed Pulsating Nasal/Sinus Irrigation System with variable flow rate control system specifically for nasal and sinus irrigation. Not just a cleanse or rinse, the pulsating action is clinically proven to make your sinus cilia – the body's first line of defense against contagions, pollen, and foreign matter. This is the serious but pleasant way to good sinus health in a medically recognized (covered in dozens of medical journal articles) but drug-free way

Pulsatile sinus irrigation has been shown in clinical tests to actually make the nasal and sinus cilia – the body’s first line of defense against foreign bodies entering the sinuses – move better after treatment, transporting mucous out of the sinuses faster. Does your treatment work with your body, or are you just getting some kind of temporary relief from congestion?

Pulsatile Sinus Irrigation is Better:

How is pulsatile different? Pulsatile sinus irrigation uses a gentle, pulsating (not steady!) stream of a saline or enhanced nasal moisturizing solution to moisturize the sinuses, remove foreign matter, and massage the cilia of the mucous membranes. The nasal and sinus cilia are the body’s first line of defense against contagions, foreign matter, particles, and allergens. These cilia, microscopic hairs, normally wave in a pulsing motion to get rid of foreign matter, sweeping them to the back of the throat, to be eventually eliminated in stomach acids. The pulsating stream causes cilia to pulsate with their natural motion, at the same time as moisturizing and cleansing, for proper maintenance of the cilia and membranes’ healthy state. Pulsatile sinus irrigation has been shown in clinical tests to actually make the body’s sinus disease fighting mechanism – the sinus cilia -move better after treatment, transporting mucous out of the sinuses faster.


Pots, bulbs, other methods of irrigation can be OK – if messy and difficult to use – but pulsatile irrigation is DIFFERENT; it actually makes the cilia move faster. The HydroPulse® Neo is also convenient – never messy – gentle, and pleasant.

The HydroPulse® Neo for pulsatile nasal/sinus irrigation is an extremely effective system for cleansing the nose and sinus, an effective tool for the maintenance of healthy nasal & sinus cilia. It’s simple & easy to use, in the privacy of your home. Never messy (like other methods), gentle and pleasant.

Drug-free Relief from Sinus and Nasal Congestion:

A pleasant, three-minute treatment is all you need to cleanse your sinuses, maintaining the healthy body’s natural disease fighting mechanisms, the cilia – not just treat symptoms.

  • Natural method – drug free treatment. Helps avoid overuse of antibiotics.
  • Over 300,000 users.
  • Prescribed and used by leading university medical centers.
  • In some cases, cleansing can prevent nasal damage caused by industrial dirt and toxins.
  • Fresher Breath: Comes with 3-way advanced breath freshening system.


How the HydroPulse® Neo Works:

Saline (or much better, an enhanced nasal moisturizing formula such as our Breathe·EaseXL ) is good for moisturizing the nose and sinuses. The pulsating action of pulsatile irrigation removes phlegm and maintains the healthy state of your body’s natural defenders, the nasal cilia. The HydroPulse® Neo, used as directed, will deliver a stream of solution at a safe, comfortable pressure, which pulsates to maintain the nasal & sinus cilia in their healthy state – the ideal machine for pulsatile irrigation in the home.

  • Removes pus from the nose
  • Thins thick secretions
  • Washes away pollutants, toxins, allergens and dirt
  • Developed by a board certified Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist as a drug-free treatment to maintain good health of the sinuses, and proper motion of the nasal & sinus cilia.


Powerful 3-Way Breath Control

Studies have shown that phlegm from the nose(1), bacteria and material in the throat(2), and on the tongue(3), all contribute to breath problems. Sinus irrigation with the HydroPulse® Neo takes care of the phlegm from the nose. The throat irrigator tip, with special integrated tongue cleaner included in the system, takes advantage of the gentle but effective pulsatile action of the HydroPulse® Neo unit, for powerful and complete three way (nose, throat, and tongue) breath control.


Health Maintenance for the Throat

Because the pulsating action of the HydroPulse® Neo cleans effectively at a low pressure, use of our throat tip is great for clearing thick mucous from the throat, especially thick mucous that can become stagnant in the crypts in the tonsils (such stagnant mucous is a likely site of bacteria). The swirling, pulsating stream from the throat tip also massages the tonsils, which promotes good circulation, necessary for optimum health, which includes having beneficial white blood cells in the area. The HydroPulse® Neo comes with two throat irrigation tips for use by different members of the family. A drug-free method for maintenance of a healthy throat.